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Seveteen Presents 500 Style Tips: What to Wear for School, Weekend, Parties & More! (Book)

Seventeen 500 Style Tips: What to Wear for School, Weekend, Parties & More! (Seventeen Presents)
Seventeen Presents 500 Style Tips: What to Wear for School, Weekend, Parties & More! (Book)  Release date: 2008. Author: Emmy Favilla. Publisher: Hearst Communications, Inc. ISBN: 9781588166418.

Plot summary: This guide, published by Seventeen magazine, contains five hundred illustrated style tips for teen girls of all ages. Each page of this pocket-sized book contains a color picture depicting the styling tip. The book is divided into six chapters to help teens navigate: school, weekend, party, date, work, and pool. An index also helps organize the content of the guide. The advice in the guide ranges from jewelry and shoe selections, to dressing up jeans, how to hide bra straps when wearing a halter dress, and how to look professional and polished at the workplace. The guide also includes tips on pairing the right clothing with the right body type, what articles have a slimming affect, and how to be stylish at school while still wearing appropriate clothing. The tips in the guide are exclusively for girls, and do not include certain “genres” of attire, such as “gothic” or “punk.”

Critical evaluation: This fun book of style tips is an interesting but useful guide for teen girls. The advice is practical but also age appropriate and conscious of dress codes that teens may have to abide by at school or work. The guide also has tips for different body types, with many of the pictures showing plus-sized teens, different ethnicities, and styles. In general, the tips are more suitable for a mainstream girl, and do not include styles like “gothic,” “emo,” or “punk” that many teens are interested in. The book is divided into chapters for different situations, including school, weekend, party, date, work and pool. The majority of the five hundred tips are in the school section, which is helpful for teens as that is where they spend the majority of their time. Overall, this guide will be an inspiration for the majority of teen girls who might need help in making the transition from dressing like a middle school student to dressing like a young woman.

Reader's annotation: Need some help deciding what to wear? This guide contains five hundred tips to get you ready for school, a party, or a date

About the author: Born in Brooklyn, New York, Emmy Favilla is a former editor for Seventeen magazine and freelance magazine writer. She began writing at age six, and graduated from NYU with a degree in journalism. (from )
Genre: Non-fiction

Curriculum ties:
Fashion design

Booktalking ideas:
Different styles of dress
Expressing yourself through fashion

Reading level/Interest Age:
14 and up

Challenge issues:
Limited to mainstream girls
Does not include religious dress codes (i.e. head coverings, shoulder and leg coverings)

Challenge counterpoints:
Recommend parent discuss book with child and determine which styles are appropriate or inappropriate.

Reasons for inclusion:
Published by popular teen magazine.

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