Thursday, December 2, 2010

GamePro (Magazine)

GamePro (Magazine) Published since: 1989. Creators: Patrick Ferrell, Leeanne McDermott, Michael Kavish, Lynne Kavish. Publisher: IDG Communications. ISSN: 10428658.

Plot summary
: This long running magazine includes information about various video games and gaming hardware for consoles, PC and handheld devices. Typical issues include previews for upcoming games, news about gaming companies or events, and ratings and reviews of recently released games. GamePro also offers gaming tips for readers including screenshots of games and cheat codes. One aspect of the magazine that is unusual is that editors, writers and contributors always go by humorous monikers. Some of these pennames include “Boba Fatt,” “Dr. Mario,” “Lawrence of Arcadia,” and “Vicious Sid.” The magazine uses a give star rating system when reviewing recently released games with one star being the lowest and five the highest. An Editor’s Choice Award is given to games that earn four and a half or more stars. In 1998 was created, and the majority of the magazine’s contents are now available for viewing online.

Critical evaluation: Since its creation over twenty years ago, GamePro has been consistently providing fun, interesting and useful information for both teen and adult video gaming enthusiasts. Previews of upcoming games and gaming devices are timely and informative. The magazine also includes colorful and enticing illustrations. Screenshots are typically large and provide a good look at what players can expect from games in terms of graphics. The editors also include useful information about gameplay, including tips, tricks and cheat codes. One of the best parts of the magazine is the humor the editors include in their articles and reviews. Gamer jokes and good-natured sarcasm add to the enjoyment of reading about new gaming products. The reviews provided by GamePro are very useful for both teens and adults in making decisions about which games or hardware to purchase. In addition to the print information, also provides a lot of content that gaming enthusiasts can appreciate. One of the most informative features is the “buyers beware” section that warns gamers about poor games or companies that don’t provide good customer service or support. Overall, GamePro is an entertaining and helpful magazine for teens and adults alike.

Reader's annotation: Interested in video games? GamePro provides fun, entertaining and useful information for gamers of all ages.

About the publisher: International Data Group (IDG) was founded in 1964 in Newtonville, Massachusetts by Patrick Joseph McGovern and Fred Kirch. The company is now headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and publishes over 200 magazines and newspapers in over 85 countries. They also publish 460 websites. Overall, IDG serves about 270 million customers through its publications, and are valued at $3.05 billion. With all of its success and revenues, IDG founded the McGovern Institute for Brain Research in November of 2005. Some of IDG’s publications in the United States include CIO Magazine, Computerworld, GamePro, Network World and Taste for Life. (

Genre: Magazine

Curriculum ties:

Booktalking ideas:
Influence of gaming on society
Influence of specific games on pop-culture
Balancing gaming with other activities

Reading level/Interest Age:
Grade 7 and up

Challenge issues:

Challenge counterpoints:Recommended for grades 7 and up.
Recommend parent read through magazine before child.
Recommend parent read magazine with child.  

Reasons for inclusion:
Magazine has been published for more than twenty years.

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